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Hedley’s Adventures

The Adventures of Hedley the Hedgehog

Hedley loves to explore. His adventures begin when a timid mouse named Marvin, joins him on his journey across the British countryside. Read more…

Hedley's Celtic Adventure

Hedley’s Celtic Adventure

Hedley turns up a Celtic ring while digging for worms. His curiosity and love of exploring lead him on a midsummer adventure. Read more…

Hedley Magical Adventure, Children's Story

Hedley’s Magical Adventure

Hedley and Marvin eavesdrop on a conversation between Grandfather and Mr. Watson. Read more….

Hedley Visits the North Pole, Children's Story

Hedley Visits the North Pole

Hedley and Marvin are woken from their winter nap by the sound of sleigh bells. Santa invites them to vist the North Pole. Read more….

Hedgehog Loves Ducks, Children's Story

The Hedgehog Who Loved Ducks

After Hedley left Wales to explore Somerset, his brothers set out to make homes
of their own. Read more….