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About the Author

Valerie Walker

Valerie Walker

Calgarian, Valerie Walker, began writing when her first grandchild was born. The Adventures of Hedley the Hedgehog series are set in Britain and are suitable for children 6 – 9. Mystery in the Attic and The Quest for Kananaskis are time-travel historical fiction books for juveniles, 10 – 14.

Her latest book, Looks Can Kill is an exciting adventure novel set in Italy in 1956 and will be enjoyed by young adults and adults alike.

SUSAN WALDIE, Illustrator

Susan graduated with distinction from the Alberta College of Art and Design. She is a multi-media artist with extensive portfolios across Canada and the USA. As well as illustrating the books in the Hedley the Hedgehog series, she has written and illustrated Welcome to Earth a light- hearted look at new arrivals. She is currently working on a new project.